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“There’s three more buttons,” she said at full volume. “Let me
help you with them.”
No. He wanted to do it.
Spencer caught her hands in midair.
No! He didn’t want it done at all!
This shouldn’t be happening. This was Michael’s little sister.
Michael’s little sister lifted her hand until his knuckles
reached her lips. She pressed a small kiss to the one above
his index finger. That same worldly expression he’d seen a
glimpse of a moment ago filled her eyes.
Something had happened to Jenny since she left
the homestead. – J’s Crush (Randy’s Diner)


Patrick continued to stroke me even as I trembled. “From now on, you won’t get any of
this if you work late. Your punishment will be no spanks, no coming, no kisses. Do you

I did understand. Perfectly. It would be a heck of a punishment to withhold what he’d just
done to me.

“I won’t make it easy for you either, Dara. I’ll be here. I’ll be naked and hard, in your bed.
But I won’t touch you. I’ll do everything I can to remind you of what you can’t have. Don’t
disappoint me again.” – Northern Heat

He reached out to take the glass before I could slosh the dark liquid down on his sofa. Our fingers touched on the stem of the glassware, energy zinging between us. We shared a loud gasp. But Desmond didn’t release my skin.
Instead, he transferred the glass into his free hand while lightly gripping my hand. The glass was placed on the floor out of the way without his gaze leaving mine. His beautiful aqua irises mesmerized me—how they bored into mine unceasingly even while he saved his upholstery from a woozy, drunken goth girl.
Carefully he drew my fingers up, an inch at a time, so slowly I almost didn’t notice he was doing it. But I did notice it. My breath grew shallow in anticipation of what he intended to do once he got my hand wherever he wanted it.
The Only Sorceress