Q:How many books will there be in the Lore series?
A:Eleven. You can get the final book here for free.
Q:I have a Time’s Daughter question.
A:Check out the commonly asked questions on the Time’s Daughter page.
Q:I signed up for your new release e-mail list but I’m not receiving the messages. Why?
A:You have to verify your e-mail address with Mailchimp before you’ll receive any of my notifications. Check your spam folder for the message. You might have to sign up again if you can’t find it.
Q:How do I find out about your new releases?
A:I generally post that information on Twitter, Facebook, here on the web site and my blog. You can also sign up for my e-mail list below.

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  1. Is there any way you would reconsider the Time’s Daughter series? The characters and storyline were very entertaining.

    1. The inspiration hasn’t been there for a book 2 that doesn’t introduce a love triangle (I’d introduced a mate for Aeon who actually encouraged her to protect herself instead of coddling her). But if that ever changes, I would write more.


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